Testimory 1

The mother of this baby is a twenty year old woman. She got pregnant from a guy whom she knew from a social network site, Facebook. The guy offered her a job which later caused a big problem to this woman. She got pregnant and was kept at the guy’s rent room for months until she finally could run and meet her relative’s friend in Cianjur.

A few months later, this woman called Devi whom she knew from a seminar at church. We took her from Cianjur and she stayed with Devi until she gave birth to her baby and the baby celebrated his first birthday. We named the baby “Being saved by God” because he was born by having caesar and God provided the money that we need at that time. Surely God gave it right in His time.

The baby is growing as a five years-old boy. His mom takes care of him as a single parent and he also goes to school. The woman’s big family used to abandon them because they thought him as a shame. However the family has now accepted both of the mother and her son.

Testimory 2

The baby was born prematurely with 4,4 lbs weight and the mother was a seventeen years old student. We knew the girl from one of our discipleship group member who was also the girl’s friend at church. When she came to us, her pregnancy was already seven months.

Along her seven months pregnancy, she never went to a doctor and checked her condition. She hide it by wearing loose clothes and doing sport just like another students. She became pregnant because of her relationship with her boyfriend. Her family did not want to take the baby because of financial problem and also relating to her parents’ social status at church.

When the baby was four months old, we asked her boyfriend’s family to do adoption.


Testimory 3

We met this eighteen years old girl because her aunt introduced her to us. When we met her, her pregnancy was already eight months old and she never went to a doctor. We took this girl to a safe house in Lembang. A few months later she gave birth to her baby and should have another medical actions.

At that time we did not have enough money to pay for this medical actions until one of our friend who actually did not know about our ministry called us and sent us some money. The amount was enough to pay for her labor and another medical actions.

By the end of 2010, she and her baby stayed with us. Her family wanted us to minister her because she has problem with character and social. Now she has already worked and her family taking care of her baby.