The number of abortion in the world has reached to 60 millions baby per year and Indonesia is now on the fourth level of doing abortion.

The number has reached to 2,6 millions per year and it tends to increase every year. According to BKKBN (National Demography and Family Organization), it shows that college students do 1,2 millions abortions and high school students do 900.000 abortions every year.

When tsunami happened and 600.000 people were died, the world saw it as an ironic incident. Every people from different religions tried doing their best to help the tsunami’s victims. However ironically there are not so many efforts given to stop the 2,6 millions abortions. In Indonesia, the case has increased even though it is not legalized by the Government.

According to our data :

  • 24% cases happen to college students.
  • 28% cases happen to high school students.
  • 56% cases happen to women under 20 years old.
  • 28% cases happen to women between 20-29 years old.
  • 60% cases happen to unmarried couple and 68% cases happen because of irresponsible boyfriends.

Rumah Ruth Vision and Mission

  1. Stop Abortion
    To serve and teach women who refuse her pregnancy which happened because of violence and unmarried relationship by giving advice and education about abortion.
  1. Spiritual Counseling
    To disciple and build a strong biblical foundation so that they will have a mind which will be aligned with Christ.
  1. Independency
    To help the woman whom we serve at RUTH to be mature and independent especially to those who choose to be a single-parent.
  1. Ecudation
    To give education on preventing the dangerous of doing abortion and its impact to the school, campus, church, and public community.
Vision and Mission