There are lots of miracle happened since we started the ministry two years ago. We are so thankful that we can know Lord Jesus more through this ministry. When we started RUTH Ministry, we experienced God’s miracle while we were praying for diapers and milk. Suddenly we got a phone call from a person whom we never knew and lived out of the town saying that he would send a package. We were so surprised as we got seven big boxes contained diapers and milk that we were praying about. At that time we felt like God saying that we did not need to worry about our needs because God would provide it right in His time. This has happened many times until today.

We believe every babies, that we are taking care of, are not an accident. God has a purpose for each of them as we see Him doing miracles in their lives day by day. We do not know about what will happen to them in the next 10 or 20 years later but we believe God has a beautiful plan and purpose for them. We have been so blessed knowing we have a Living God, an Awesome God for those who want to trust Him. He is God who has trusted us to be part of this ministry.

We believe RUTH Ministry is happened because of His grace. We believe the ministry will be the answer for every social problems that happens to Indonesia and also to this generation. We hope that in the future we will be able to do more preventive actions by doing seminars at schools, campuses, and institutions so God’s holiness will be spread and known.

We know that we can not do this big responsibility without supports from people who have become part of this ministry. We are so thankful for people who have always supported us such as doctors, donators, volunteers, and also other people whom we can not mention. We hope that in the future we can still work together and  thank you to those who have walked hand in hand with us until today. God bless you.

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