Rumah Tumbuh Harapan (Growing Hope House), that is also known as RUTH Ministry, is started on Januray 11th, 2011 and got its license from Ministry of Law and Human Rights on June 21st, 2011.

Basically RUTH Ministry has begun on 2007 when Charles Wong and Devi Sumarno, before they had special relationship, helped a friend who got pregnant before wedlock and her family did not want her. Devi Sumarno took this girl to live with Devi until she gave birth to her baby. The girl and her baby stayed for a year with Devi.

After Charles and Devi got married on January 17th 2009, they got another case from a seventeen years old girl who came to them and was already pregnant for seven months. They took her to their house because the safe house, which handling this case, were full. Two weeks after that, the girl gave birth to her baby by Caesar.

When the couple saw this girl, they remembered a story of a great woman in the Bible named Ruth who was a Moabites. She was born from a tribe who did not know God and her mother got pregnant because of her grandfather. At that time, people did not like the Moabites and looked this tribe down. However the decision that Ruth chose has changed her life, her future, and also her life history. She became the great-grandmother of King David and also Lord Jesus.

Charles and Devi would like to see the life of every woman from this ministry changed. The community may look them down and think they may not have future and no hope for them because they have done a big and  embarrassing mistake that humiliate their families.

On the other hand I believe when they are touched by God’s grace and repent from their sin by taking a decision to change and follow God, then God alone will give them a new hope, a new plan for their future, and a new generation just like Ruth.

Before officially starting RUTH Ministry, Charles and Devi took these young mothers to their house. Some friends from the church have encouraged them to officially open RUTH Ministry. After praying, they decided to take a step of faith and open RUTH Ministry.

The ministry will focus on serving young mothers who get pregnant before married in order to stop abortion using safe house as its concept.

These past two years, RUTH has helped 23 babies, two pregnant mothers, and two cases that RUTH has decided not to handle. RUTH handles various cases and most of them happened because of free sex, rape, and etc. The clients are from 14 to 35 years old.

They came to RUTH because they met or heard from their friends and found the information from the internet. They also have different social, religious, and education backgrounds.

Since RUTH Ministry is opened, God has provided and shown His miracles. God does not only show His miracles by providing the needs like money and things but also healing miracles.


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